Things to be thankful for.

I’ve been asking a few people to make a list of what their grateful for and I’ve gotten some really good responses so here they go.

  1. For family, whether “by blood” or the people you’ve met in your life, that always make you feel at home.
  2.  For parents and guardians who most of the time they did their best, and maybe if you got lucky, will always be some of the best people you know.
  3.  For mothers who were the first people to love you, who nurtured, who taught, who cheered, who supported; who carried the pains you couldn’t.
  4.  For fathers who love you like you like their prized possession, who disciplined, who protected; who gave everything they could for you to be everything you are.
  5.  For brothers who were your first friends, who teased and taunted but would never let anyone hurt a hair on your head.
  6.  For sisters who were some of your first friends, who you fought with and fight with, but still never let anyone hurt a hair on your head.
  7.  For your significant other-that you can find someone to love, who doesn’t have to love you, but loves you anyway. And that you met them at the right time, in the right place, is nothing short of a miracle.
  8.  For your many significant others who are your true friends, who make life a lot easier to go through, and who love you more than you deserve.
  9.  For teachers who partook in your formation, who saw things in you that you didn’t, and who challenged you to do your best.
  10.  For pets and all animals we encounter who give us free and unconditional love. (Especially dogs of course.)
  11.  For good health if you have it, one of life’s greatest pleasures. For any good health at all.
  12.  For a body that allows you to function in any way.
  13.  For a brain that allows you to think about the world and it’s people in all the ways that you can.
  14.  For the colors of the world that make life so much brighter than it would be otherwise.
  15.  For seasons, no matter how many we experience and don’t experience, their more existence is proof that things are meant to change.
  16.  For the numerous cultures that we can learn about and even have the opportunity to visit all around the world.
  17.  For history, that we can learn about it in different ways and use that knowledge to make our present and future better.
  18.  For people who get up early in the morning to clean your streets and drive your busses and trains.
  19.  For baristas who make your hot and cold drinks to perfection.
  20.  For cashiers and baggers in grocery stores who stand on their feet for long hours each day, making lives easier.
  21.  For waiters and waitresses who put up with us when we’re at out worst-hungry.
  22.  For people who work at clothing stores, whose service often goes unnoticed.
  23.  For a warm bed at night.
  24.  For a coat in the winter time.
  25.  For a phone that allows you to communicate with people instantaneously even when your far away from them.

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